CornFest GrillTacular 2012

We had a corn feast. With butter. Lots of butter.

Maple butter. Thyme butter. And the ever exotic Elote.
Eric, calmly managing two grills.

So beautiful at 9 months pregnant!

Despite the technological advances of digital photography, this was the BEST picture we could get of all the kids. Which kid do you think is the funniest in this picture and why?
(Front left to right: Lincoln, Atticus, Thea Belle, Dietrich / Back left to right: Estella, Archer, Owen).

2 thoughts on “CornFest GrillTacular 2012

  1. Looks like a good ol’ time! Although from professional experience (literally) It looks like you could use more of the Mayo mix on those cobs. I’m not seeing the right level of slather on Brad’s cob there.

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