Dear Lewis: a letter at (four and) five months


You are five (and a half) months old, and we missed your four month letter in the chaos that was this fall as we sold the house and packed and moved. It is weird…and a little bit sad…to me that you will never know the house at 4149 28th Ave. S. But I love the fact that we get to have a baby in this new house too – that we will remember in this house where you took your first steps or what you looked like crawling up these stairs.

img_0550Let’s start with what you look like. While I don’t think any baby will ever be as round as Elsa was, you are giving her a run for her money. Your cheeks are round and smooth and unbelievably kissable. Your hair is think like a middle-aged man, though you have a few long, dark Gollum-like strands around the front that make me laugh. Your eyes are sparkly and bright (think jolly elf). They are blue and friendly and usually delighted. You have rolls upon rolls, with two rolls each to your wrists and ankles. And your booty. I have been asked on several occasions if you are wearing a cloth diaper because your booty is so plump. You weigh close to 20 pounds. You are roly-poly enormous and chubby, and we squeeze and kiss and hug you all day long. We love to hold you, and your dad especially loves when you sit in the crook of his arm on the couch as he reads or watches something, just quiet and content and snuggly.

You are such a happy baby, Muffikins. You wake up with a smile. You light up at the sight of Owen or Elsa. You smile at most eye contact, and follow people around the room with your eyes – especially your Dad when he comes home. You are an easy laugh — sometimes giving us genuine laughs, sometimes still your low-pitched huuuus – usually followed by hiccups.  You love seeing yourself in mirrors and voice changes and music and laying on your back and kicking your legs like a maniac. Around your 5-month mark, you finally got your toes in your mouth, working so hard to get your feet up to your face over your hammy, hammy thighs. You always have something in your mouth – fingers, toes, fists, blankets – anything you can reach, and you continue to be incredibly drooly. You live to chew on our fingers. But still no teeth.

img_0114Also around five months, you got the hang of grabbing onto toys with some degree of intentionality. We hang toys over your head on the bouncy seat, and you get bouncing so hard that your head is getting dangerously close to the table. You reach up for the rattle ball, the black and white crinkly book, and everything heads towards your mouth. You are so, so close to rolling over. You roll to your side, get your legs over, but you just can’t quite get over your shoulder to get onto your belly. You still don’t really like to be on your belly, but you’re getting stronger and lifting your head up more. You love to sit up in the bumbo and see what’s going on, though 9 times out of 10, you poop far, far up your back after a few minutes in there. You enjoy being outside, in the stroller, or in the ergo, falling asleep quickly in the latter.

You are continuing to learn your voice – you squawk and squeak with happiness, you make raspberry sound, blowing drooly bubbles, crying your complaining cry that isn’t so much a waaa waaa but more of a displeased  oooooh wool.

You are a lover of baths like your siblings before you. We lay you on your back on a towel in shallow water, and you kick, delighting in the waves you make around you. Around four months, you would lay in the bath, making high pitched squawking sounds, listing to yourself under the water. You kick like crazy and look up at us, so happy.

As for your siblings, they love you. They love you so much. Owen tries to make you laugh all day long. They tell me when you’re sad, when you’re awake. They try to bring you happiness by sitting you up, by jamming unwanted packs in your mouth. Elsa is so gentle and pets your head. Owen jumps around you, making silly sounds so close to your face – but you soak it all up. You are so smitten with them both, and they so clearly love you.

img_0500You are a champion nurser, Lewis, and I’m trying to savor this season as you’ll start eating solid foods in a just a month or so (what?!). You turn towards the milk with gusto, mouth wide open like a little piraña, suck vigorously, and then pop off, sometimes taking me with you, to look up at me and flash me a happy smile. Just the other night, you woke up around 11. We were at your Grandpa Joe and Grandma Pam’s house, so we whisked you out of the room quickly so you wouldn’t wake up your siblings. I sat down on the basement couch to nurse you, and you’d nurse for 2 seconds, and then look up at me and laugh. We did this for five minutes. It was adorable. I love how much you love me.

You sometimes fight sleep, but overall sleep okay at night, getting up once, sometimes twice to eat, but going back to sleep pretty quickly. You love to snuggle into your elephant blanket.

You just had your second road trip to Wisconsin for your first Thanksgiving. You were held by everyone and laughed each and every time your Grandpa Joe said, “LewisLewisLewis” in a low voice. You laid on the carpet next to your cousin Hannah, being babies together and smiling at one another.

Lewis, I say this to so many people. You are just a delight. I don’t know if it’s because you’re our last baby, but I am just treasuring these days with you. I love to sit with you in my lap and talk to you, make you laugh. I let you nurse yourself to sleep all the time because I just love how much you love it, how much peace I can bring you. This season of life has been so special to me, and I’m trying to memorize the way your eyes crinkle with happiness, the way your chubby fingers look, stuffed into your mouth, the way you nestle your head into my neck, warm and snuffly, the sounds of your cries and laughs. You are such a gift to us all. I’m so glad you are ours.


your Mom

Nicknames: Muffikins Sue. Peanut. Butterball. Muffin. Mr. Mustard. Muffikins. Baby Lew. Lewlis. Lewlabee Jones.

Things you Love: chewing on fingers, nursing, burping, being naked, baths, your family, being outside, the ergo, chewing on our fingers, being sung to, having your legs and arms “danced” for you, bouncy seat, bumbo, crinkly-sound toys

Things you Hate; being on your stomach, being flat on your back for too long, lack of eye-contact, being put back in the carseat on a road trip

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